Commissary - Valid from 01/06 until 01/19/2020

january 6 - january 19 produce quick tips mandarin oranges • fresh mandarins are in season from november through april in the fresh produce section inspect the fruit for any brown or soft spots and cull them to prevent the spread of spoilage orange colors with pebble-textured skins remove moisture mandarins can be placed in a fruit bowl for about a week at mandarins may also be individually refrigerated in a fruit crisper or can be peeled into wedges and stored in an airtight container for on-the-go snacking healthy skin and keeping cholesterol in check dairy fruits grains vegetables protein choose myplate gov because there are many varieties of mandarins that grow in different climates mandarin peels also contain oils that are an important source of flavoring for ice make half your plate fruit & vegetables jo commissary