Commissary - Valid from 02/03 until 02/16/2020

february 3 - february 16 produce quick tips madrid stene | fresh turnip with turnip stew sliced turnip turnips • both the leafy greens and turnip root are edible and are often available in bunches with bright green leaves and bulbous • fresh turnips are in season from october until march and can be found year-round either frozen or canned rinse both the taproot and leaves to remove soil residue before cooking or refrigerating • separate the taproot from the leaves because the leaves can draw the nutrients out of the taproot maximum nutritional benefits turnip roots and their leafy greens are high in fiber and contain only 34 calories per cup inflammation regulation of blood pressure dalry fruits grains vegetables protein choose myplate gov and broccoli the leafy greens of the turnip are often cooked with its taproot for healthy and nutritious broths in indian and asian cuisine turnips were a popular food source for the ancient greeks and romans because food source soil with small branching roots make half your plate fruit & vegetables your commissary