Central Market - Valid from 07/29 until 08/04/2020

charcuterie 101 here are a few classic charcuterie meats for beginner and pairings - that's what a board is all about! prosciutto ham cured with salt and aged to be sliced paper- thin or cooked to be sliced more rustically mortadella coppa dry cured pork shoulder chorizo spain bresaola pâté traditionally cooked in a terrine rillettes fork-tender meat enveloped in fat and spreadable at room temperature brooklyn cured founder and brooklyn native scott bridi creates charcuterie meats and sausages inspiration from his time as a chef and butcher at some of nyc's most well- and putting a nuanced twist to classics look for duck fennel and lamb merguez italian delicacy trico coppa ferico chorize texas iberico third generation texas rancher ashly martin raises iberico pigs in the hill muscle to fat ratio and its unsaturated curemasters then turn the pork into cured meats with distinctively texan flavors like spicy pecan cold smoked chorizo and sweet prickly pear cured pork loin lomo elevation meats meats to bring top quality charcuterie to local restaurants using humanely raised heritage salamis in flavors like calabrese iberica lomon in your summer food pics and use #cmfoodcation