Cash Wise - Valid from 01/05 until 01/11/2020

wards more earn per gallo earn 50¢ fuel rewards with purchase of $25 worth of advertised items below with your more rewards account must buy $25 to receive full 50¢ fuel reward viva mega cottonelle cottonelle bath tissue or viva paper towels select varieties kleenex soothing lotion kleenex facial tissue huggies huggies mevers huggies little movers jumbo diapers size 3-6 select varieties huggies huggies movers huggies little movers big pack diapers size 3-6 select varieties uggies huggies snug & dry huggies snug & dry big pack diapers nugies huggies movers ors movers huggies giant pack diapers select varieties huggies nature huggies natural care huggies baby wipe refills select varieties m_re rewards