Cash Wise - Valid from 01/01 until 01/07/2020

fresh produce dietitian's choice all fresh produce is endorsed by our supermarket registered dietitians and is recommended for a well-balanced diet plant green to giant 5.$5 = baby belle musteroon for for green tea giant pentru bob bob mushroces abos rofres 95 guacamole seward hass avocados cabo fresh guacamole $4.98 seam baby bella mushrooms mix & match driscoll's only the finest berries for extra large fresh limes extra large california lemons driscoll's blueberries pint sweet vanilla cream fruit dip $2.98 washington bartlett pears mini hydroponic cucumbers washington flower shoppe bulk food floral items not available al locations don tido anong each trust mind body soul bouquet good sense granola strawberry cranberry or the bake shoppe hamburger buns earn 10 per gallon with each item purchased cheesecake select varieties earn sweet p's round danish cheese or cinnamon perca seward new item cewdias more earn cheesecake bites searn french baguette raised donuts per ga gallo the kitchen off lite garden vegetable pasta salad individual green salads save $1 off per lb at our salad bar select varieties flatout light original 90 each wards earn kretschmar oven roasted turkey flatout wraps & flatbreads fla of calito gu b0 our signature wraps perga