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Bravo Supermarket - The history

Bringing the New York shopping experience to those in Florida was the was the primary aim of the Bravo group after it was founded in the early 1990's. Maybe because a lot of New York residents moved to Florida and the company intends to give them a taste of home, or perhaps it was because New York was the shopping capital. Therefore, a New York shopping is a powerful statement to convert. Bravo group worked together with C-Town Supermarket which was already established.

In no time, the fourth and fifth stores were opened in Orlando as opposed to New York. At the time, Orlando was flowing with Hispanic New Yorkers; so the company was well known by many people and targeted at the Hispanic market. For the reasons as mentioned earlier, the store was an instant success and paved the way for several more that were opened. If you walk into any of these stores, you can shop for Goya beans, listen to Latin music and see potted palm trees.

Sixteen stores in total were opened across Florida, bringing authentic Hispanic ingredients to the community. That was possible because of Krasdale, the supplier, agreeing to supply their produce outside of New York. The stores range from small stores at 7,000 square feet to other much larger stores at 25,000 square foot. That means that the stores are sized between the tiny bodegas’ in the area and the giant superstores.