PS5 Black Friday

PS5 2020, News and General Product Info

Hello to all the gamers out there! We have some PS5 details for you! With many people asking “Is the PS5 out” or “when will the PS5 come out” – we figured it is time to share some information regarding the Sony PlayStation, known as PS5, console with you. Yes, PS5 is about to be amazing! And yes – the PS5 Concept design is simply incredible. People are curious how much will PS5 cost. Will there be any Black Friday deals on PS5? What is the PS5 cost in the USA? November 12 was the release date of the mighty PS5. Will PS5 be backwards compatible? Yes! The PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4 software, so you will be able to play most of your older games on your new device! What is more, you will be able to play some of PlayStation VR games on your new PS5 console as well! And yes, there is even more to it! PS5 also has a wireless controller – the DualSense. It is the next generation gamepad. Sony changed the way the console looks. You may check online for the new PS5 pictures and see for yourself. We are not sure whether or not the PS5 console will be on one of the Black Friday sales, but we do hope every gamer will appreciate the amazing design and awesome features of Sony’s newest release. Are you ready for your amazing PlayStation adventure? PS5 is here! 

PS5 Price and Pre-order Details

It has been only few days since the PS5 got released and we still have many questions left! Sony PlayStation, also known as PS5, console release price or PS5 price in the US – those are some of the frequently asked questions. People want to know how much will the PS5 cost? We know for a fact that the console is selling out very quickly. Christmas season is just around the corner and PS5 would make a perfect Xmas gift! The console is becoming an item that is hard to get and you need to pre-order it. We encourage you to check some of the major retailers for any pre-order options. We know some stores offer the PS5 console for online purchases only. We are still hoping to see a Black Friday deal on PS5 but it is more likely to get other PlayStation consoles on sale. How much is the PS5? Most of the stores sell it for $499. As for Sony PlayStation PS5 console games price, we recommend checking online for the exact prices of your desired and most wanted games. The cost of a PS5 game may vary. Stay on a lookout for any deals or Black Friday sales on PlayStation products. You never know, maybe Sony will surprise you with some amazing PS5 Black Friday deals!