PS4 Black Friday Deals

ps4 black friday deals

See How Much a PS4 Will Be on Black Friday

The Playstation 4 is an iconic console, and you won’t be the only one trying to grab good deals on the PS4 or Playstation 4 Pro console and games to go with it on Black Friday. Black Friday is also a good time to get a good deal on a Playstation Plus subscription or Playstation VR. One thing is for sure, there will definitely be Black Friday sales on the PS4, you just have to know where best to buy it. You might be wondering: what price will the PS4 be on Black Friday? Where to buy a PS4 on Black Friday? Whether you are shopping online or in-store, read on to learn how to get the best Black Friday deals and specials on a PS4 and other Playstation products and services.

Get the Best PS4 Deals on Black Friday

So how much is a PS4 on Black Friday, how much will a Playstation 4 cost, what is the price of it, how cheap will it be, how much does it cost? In 2019, the cheapest price of a PS4 on Black Friday was $199, and it came in a bundle with games. For the Playstation 4 Pro, the price was $299, and the bundle also included games. This represented savings of $100 on both consoles. This undoubtedly shows that there are savings to be had on consoles on Black Friday, and this year, they may be greater still.

In the case of the Playstation VR, the price on Black Friday in 2019 was $249.99, and the bundle included motion controllers as well as the headset, camera and the games: “Blood & Truth” and “Everybody’s Golf VR”. Again, in 2020, the price may be lower still, because of launches of competing products and games.

Find a Good Black Friday Sale on the PS4 Pro

To find a good sale on the Playstation 4 Pro console, it is, of course, worth checking out ads. It is preferable to have an awareness of console prices in the months leading up to Black Friday. That way, you will know whether you are looking at a good deal or an inflated price. Don’t just look at the percent-off discount sign, only the end price matters. Having said that, it seems that the console market is rather uniform in pricing, since the widespread availability of e-commerce channels has made higher prices infeasible and indefensible. For this reason, expect that most retail outlets, like Best Buy, Walmart or Amazon, will offer the lowest possible market price, with no deviations.

Check Out the Playstation Store on Black Friday

Whether you already own a Playstation 4 or are just planning to buy one, it will definitely be worth checking out the Playstation store on Black Friday. Expect good deals on some of last year’s hottest titles, including titles exclusive to the Playstation 4 and the broader Sony ecosystem. If ever there was a time to cut your wishlist down to size, it is Black Friday.