Will the Nintendo Switch Be on Sale for Black Friday?

nintendo switch black friday deals

The Nintendo Switch is the latest console offering from Nintendo, and is even more innovative than the Nintendo Wii that preceded it - and that’s saying a lot! Combining handheld, TV and tabletop gaming modes, the Nintendo Switch can be plugged into a TV, connect to a tablet or used as a handheld gaming device for a truly comprehensive gaming experience. Since its release, Nintendo has enjoyed excellent sales figures, while gamers have fallen in love with Nintendo’s rich offer of games and new ideas for online connectivity, access to legacy (SNES and NES) games and more. You may be wondering: will the new Nintendo console be on sale on Black Friday?

So will Nintendo Switch go on sale on Black Friday? It is unimaginable that the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite will not be the subject of any deals or sales on Black Friday. Affordable even when not on sale, on Black Friday, shoppers will be able to find excellent sales on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Online services. There have been Black Friday deals on the Nintendo Switch last year, so you can count on there being deals this year too. To sum up, there will definitely be a Black Friday sale on the Nintendo Switch.

You can also expect sales on other Nintendo products and services this Black Friday. One hot item to look out for on Black Friday is the Nintendo Classic Mini console, which lets fans of Nintendo’s retro games play them on a very compact version of the NES console. And by compact, think “fits in the palm of your hand” compact. Black Friday is also a great opportunity to pick up some accessories for the Nintendo Switch at a discount - Nintendo has a wide range of them to satisfy the gaming needs of their diverse customer base. In addition, there will definitely be sales on the Nintendo Store on Black Friday, as well as deals on the Nintendo Online service, so don’t forget to check those out.

So how much will the Nintendo Switch be on Black Friday, how much will it cost, what will the price be? Where best to buy the Nintendo Switch on Black Friday? What is the best Black Friday deal on the Nintendo Switch console? Read on to find the answers to these questions and learn how to get the best Black Friday deals and prices for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

Get the Best Black Friday Deals on the Nintendo Switch

To get the best deal on the Nintendo Switch on Black Friday, you should have a general awareness of its prices in the months leading up to November. The best Black Friday deals on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and accessories can be found in store chains with tight supply chains and well-developed distribution networks, like Best Buy, Target, Costco, Walmart and Amazon. Nintendo Switch Black Friday sales at these retail outlets will likely be the best.

Back to the question: how much is the Nintendo Switch on Black Friday? As mentioned above, the Nintendo Switch was also on sale on Black Friday in 2019. The price of the Nintendo Switch on Black Friday in 2019 was $299.99, with a free game thrown into the deal. Some stores, like Gamestop, also offered a $25 coupon for more games. On Black Friday 2019, the Nintendo Switch Lite was priced at $199.99. It should be noted that, in 2019, the Nintendo Switch model that was on sale was the 2017 version, which had shorter battery life than the HAC-001 model that was released not long before Black Friday 2019. The HAC-001 model cost $409.99 at Kohl’s in 2019, which only represented a $20 discount. Actually, Nintendo was rather stingy with the 2019 Black Friday deals on the Nintendo Switch, with customers saving about $25 on the console. Let’s hope things will be better this year - it is likely the deals this year will be better, as Nintendo is facing stiff competition from consoles offered by Sony and Microsoft this year.

If you’re in the market for Nintendo Switch accessories, be on the lookout for Black Friday deals pertaining to them. You can grab a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, Joy-Con™ controllers, controller battery packs, and various game-specific peripherals, such as the Poke Ball™ Plus. The most important accessories are probably AC adapters for the Nintendo Switch as well as microSDXC memory cards - which you absolutely need if you have a large library of games for the console.

Get Nintendo Online to Go with Your Nintendo Switch on Black Friday

Quite possibly, the best deal from Nintendo on Black Friday 2019 was the special offer for Nintendo Online. At Target, the 12-month Nintendo Switch Online subscription was only $15 last year. This is because Nintendo is doing its best to promote its online sales platform, which appeared much later than its counterparts from Sony and Microsoft. Expect great deals for Nintendo Online subscriptions, where you can grab old, retro favorites and new releases alike. Nintendo Online also has various other features for gamers, including virtual co-play and online multiplayer.