Christmas Gift Ideas under $30

$30 christmas gift ideas

If you are looking for 30 dollar Christmas gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will primarily find Christmas gift ideas within the $20 to $30 price range as well as various Christmas gift ideas under 30 dollars. You will also find $30 ideas for Christmas gift exchanges, suggestions of Christmas gift baskets under 30 dollars, and more.

30 dollars is enough for a gift to be slightly more meaningful or functional, so there are many Christmas gift ideas to choose from within that budget. The best $30 gift for Christmas is one that is thoughtful and considerate, so it helps a lot to know who the gift’s recipient will be. This can be difficult sometimes, especially during Christmas gift exchange events at the workplace, when you may have to find a Christmas gift for a coworker you rarely interact with.

Common Christmas gifts include mugs, portrait frames, toys, monogrammed necklaces, suitcases, and so much more, all under $30. There are also many different Christmas gift baskets to choose from when you have $30 to spend. If you are involved in a Christmas gift exchange at the place where you work, you are probably looking for unisex gift ideas within your $30 budget.

If you need $10 more to give your Christmas gift ideas a bit more oomph, check out the article on Christmas Gift Ideas under $40. 10 dollars may not seem like much, but you can find slightly better products if you extend the price range in the upward direction. 

In the sections below, you will find various Christmas gift ideas for him or her, as well as unisex gift ideas, all for $30 or less. After reading this article, you will hopefully be able to pick out a Christmas present for $30 and under from the gift ideas presented here. Or perhaps one of these ideas will inspire you to think of something on your own.


Christmas Gift Ideas under $30

If you are looking for an under-$30 Christmas gift for someone you know, you should probably use what you know about their interests, passions or hobbies. For most pursuits, you should be able to find something of utility for any given activity under 30 dollars, and then wrap it up in some nice packaging and make it a Christmas present.

The truth is, a Christmas present is judged by the spirit in which it is given and the thought behind it. An apt Christmas gift will surmount any price-related considerations associated with it, meaning that a $10 gift that is well-received is actually worth more than a $100 gift ill-received.

But with $30 dollars to spend, you have quite a bit of leeway to pick and choose between the Christmas gift ideas competing for your attention. Because there are quite a few of them, like 4-in-1 wireless charging docking stations, Bluetooth speakers with built-in nightlights, gift baskets full of cookies and candies, earrings, calendars, leatherbound journals, and a host of others.

You can even get pizza socks, with matching pizza box and all, for $25.99. This should tell you that there really is a wide variety of $30 Christmas gift ideas to choose from when you pick out the Christmas presents you will be giving out this year. The list of potential Christmas gifts you can get for 30 dollars is long and includes such diverse items as tote bags, slim wallets, tie clips and cufflinks and wine glasses.

The sections below should narrow things down for us though, and perhaps one of them will address the circumstances specific to you this Christmas. And if you are ever in doubt as to what present to get for anyone at all, within practically any price range, just get a Christmas gift basket. Rest assured, there are quite a few Christmas gift baskets to choose from on a budget of $30.


Christmas Gift Baskets under $30

Christmas gift baskets are universal symbols of gift-giving during the Christmas holiday season, and are ubiquitous ice breakers in many social situations that would otherwise be awkward and uncomfortable. For under 30 dollars, you can get a Christmas gift basket that will contain all sorts of useful, delicious or practical products to suit the tastes of whoever you are buying it for.

The best thing about Christmas gift baskets is that they contain a wide variety of products, and some retailers even make it possible to customize their contents. You can put everything from chocolates and candies to socks and fruit in a gift basket, and everything in between. There are even gift baskets with soaps and sanitary products wedged in alongside wines, snacks, and pretty much anything you can think of as a suitable Christmas gift.

One cannot express, in a single article, all the advantages and benefits a Christmas gift basket affords. The choice of a Christmas gift basket as a Christmas present effectively delegates your choosing of Christmas gifts to a third party, and at the same time, Christmas gift baskets are well-received by the people lucky enough to get them. In addition, $30 will buy you a Christmas gift basket in the lower mid-price range, so it will be more impressive than one that costs $10 or less, for example. 

As a general rule, if you ever have any misgivings as to Christmas gift ideas for anybody, especially people you may not be particularly close with, just buy a Christmas gift basket and be done with it. No Christmas gift basket has ever gone unappreciated, and you can get them in various themes and with different product assortments.


Unisex Christmas Gift Ideas under $30

You might be surprised at how many Christmas gift ideas under $30 there are that are appealing to both men and women. Some Christmas presents are universal, but it’s hard to think of them at first. Once you see a couple of examples, however, you will catch on to some common themes.

So if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for $30, read on to get examples of presents suitable for both men and women and are gender non-specific. 30 dollars also have a surprising amount of buying power when it comes to your choice of Christmas gifts.

Throw blankets make for great Christmas gifts, and no matter who they are, the recipient of the gift will appreciate and make good use of it. Throw blankets are great for couches, sofas, beds, you name it, and they can keep someone warm on chilly nights. You can find many of them for less than $30 online, so that’s one Christmas gift idea that is unisex, even if it is more commonly associated with women.

Novelty mugs are another great Christmas gift idea, and you can find hundreds of them under 30 dollars if you perform even a cursory search online. You may even find it difficult to choose just one among the many funny and creative patterns out there.

For $30, you can even find a cocktail shaker home bar set, which is definitely something every adult has wanted to play around with at some point in their life. If there are any wine connoisseurs in your life, you can also consider getting them a wine aerator as a Christmas present - yes, it’s under 30 dollars.

Some exercise gear and equipment can also be considered unisex. A Christmas gift idea under 30 dollars could be a training mat or a set of weights. Other options include ab rollers, resistance bands, jump ropes, pull-up bars and stability balls.


Christmas Gift Baskets for Her for $30

The sprawling and fascinating subject of Christmas gift baskets is a recurring one in the science of gift-giving during the Christmas holiday season. They are as omnipresent in this field of study as the number pi is in mathematics. In this section, we will discuss Christmas gift baskets intended for women up to the price of $30 dollars. Additionally, funny Christmas gifts for women, worth up to 30$, will be scrutinized for funniness and suitability as a Christmas present.

Christmas gift baskets for women work in the same way as Christmas baskets for men or any other gender group. They are simple and self-explanatory in that way. However, if the woman who is the intended recipient of your gift is watching her weight or self-conscious about her figure, be considerate and don’t get her a Christmas gift basket based on chocolates, candies and sweets.

Christmas gift baskets aimed at women are particularly useful if you are participating in a Christmas gift exchange with a budget up to $30. It is truly a universal gift for every occasion, and rightfully deserves appreciation as such. However, if you want to make more of a statement with your Christmas gift, you can always opt for a funny $30 Christmas gift geared toward women.

When it comes to funny Christmas gifts for women, keep the humor family friendly. It is better not to cause offense with your Christmas gift. After all, giving Christmas gifts is about spreading goodwill and cheer. One good Christmas present suggestion is a mug with a funny message on its side. Another one might be a coaster with a funny quote or picture. You can find humorous Christmas gift ideas in all shapes and sizes online, just remember to keep things family friendly, as stated above.


$30 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

If you don’t want to overthink your Christmas gift for a male acquaintance, colleague, family member or even significant other, you can just buy a unisex present. In the end, there is a large overlap between things desired by both men and women. Below, you will find various Christmas gift ideas under $30 for men.

Shower speakers are great for the musically inclined male. Singing under the shower is a pastime as old as the shower itself, and now the recipient of your Christmas gift won’t have to engage in it a cappella. Perhaps you will see some improvement in his singing next time you go out for karaoke.

Men are known for their passion for all things motorized, and many of them enjoy spending long hours in their car. For such gift recipients, a heated car blanket may be a great choice of Christmas gift, and it is below 30 dollars as well.

The kitchen can also be a man’s domain. For under $30, you can easily find a chef’s knife or personalized cutting board so that a guy you know will be able to hone his culinary skills.

Every man needs to shave, so a practical Christmas gift idea under $30 is a shaving kit. Shaving kits may include shaving creams and razor blades, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if there were a Christmas gift basket in that theme available for purchase somewhere online. Never underestimate the power of the Christmas gift basket.

Football has been a man’s sport since time immemorial (or at least, since the invention of football). You can find footballs under $30 as a great Christmas present for the athletically inclined. For that matter, you can find all kinds of sporting goods for less than 30 dollars, so put that on your list of Christmas gift ideas.

If the man you are giving a Christmas gift is a handyman type, magnetic wristbands are useful accessories for any DIY project. It is perfect for holding drill bits, screws, bolts and nails. He will be a more efficient fixer-upper. Who knows, maybe one day he will help you out with a minor repair.

As you can see, there are many potential Christmas gift ideas available for less than $30 dollars. Ultimately, you will have to make the choice, but hopefully, this article has made it a bit easier for you to do so. Don’t overthink things, it’s just a $30 Christmas Gift we’re talking about here, and remember, you always have the option of getting a Christmas gift basket when in doubt.