Avon - Valid from 12/24 until 02/29/2020

bug guard time-release technology for long-lasting protection bug guard blue color shows where applied bug guard plus picaridin • repels deer ticks that may carry and transmit lyme disease • for dawn and dusk • dermatologist-tested • hypoallergenic • with vitamine • with aloe • protects against picaridin family size pump spray bug guard plus ir3535° lotions • repels mosquitoes that may carry and transmit the zika virus • deet-free • paba-free • no need to wash off • water-resistant spf 30 • with vitamin e and aloe • dermatologist-tested • pediatrician-tested karioin parion picaridin pump spray repels mosquitoes for 8 hours deer ticks for 12 hours cool 'n fabulous spf 30 lotion disappearing color only $6.99 tsa for when you eguro frie caridin picaridin aerosol spray repels mosquitoes for 6 hours deer ticks for 7 hours picaridin travel size pump spray picaridin towelettes repels mosquitoes for deer ticks for resealable bag holds 8 packets each towelette only gentle breeze spf 30 lotion anti-itch spray does not l ets